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With an audience first approach, we enable marketers to take control by putting the consumer at the centre of every business challenge.


As the regional expert in Arabic consumer intelligence, we combine the speed and depth of our unique Arabic enabled AI with our expert strategy and analyst teams, bringing human value to big data.


We have an unparalleled, real-time understanding of how Arabic consumers are interacting with brands and reacting to the changing world around them, and we use this to create a foundation for impactful strategic data analysis.

Our expertise.

Sila is an AI that D/A has developed that is programmed with native-Arabic natural language processing, reinforcing and adding context to the analysis with the ability to predict behavioural and consumption changes for the future.

Our approach to audience -first insight building enables us  to create an emotive portrait of an Arab world consumer enriched with culture, language and regional behavioural traits:


Demographics & Language

Understand who and where your consumers are. Segment audiences at the most basic level to identify targeting, language trends and geographic changes by age, sex, living status, family status and professional status. Create compelling and flexible life-stage models to understand your audiences and go next with your brand.

Personality and behaviour

Find audiences with similar personality traits and behaviours to build communities. What values, needs and influences bring consumer groups together? Sentiment and behavioural pattern identification give marketers the power of predictive modelling to ensure brands stay ahead of the consumption curves and remain relevant and purposeful.

Consumer intent and triggers

Where and who do audiences turn to for influence? Understand the format, platform and people that drive engagement and/or action from audiences that can drive impact.

Overall markets and categories

Pinpoint economic and cultural indicators that drive market performance by way of consumer confidence through closely monitoring audiences movements and reactions within specific industries.

Understand the drivers your brand – and your competitors – are known for, and craft your messaging to reflect this enabling brand equity measurement for specific values across different markets.

Our services.

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Arabic language consumer insight at scale.

‘Sila’ (Arabic for ‘connection’) is our AI platform solution for insights into Arab-world consumers. It organises mega-data into workable structures from which insights can be called upon and analysed.

Where science meets strategy.

Our strategy engine brings together audience-first insights, giving brands a fresh viewpoint backed by rigorous data you can trust.

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Creative platforms that build communities .

Brands need to communicate with purpose to authentically connect with consumers. We have formulated a process that helps marketers apply an audience-first strategy to real-world communications and creative.

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