Webinar Recap: GCC Sustainability: State of Play 2022

August 31, 2022

D/A’s most recent Webinar: “GCC Sustainability: State of Play 2022” held last Monday, 22nd August, discussed what the patterns of behaviour consumers take and what is important to them through the findings of the largest study done on GCC Sustainability.

D/A’s Faisal Khan, head of research, takes you through D/A’s GCC sustainability webinar looking at our report and all the insight that it brings with it.

Key Statements to note:

  • Philanthropy most important, Climate change fastest trending Sustainability initiative.
  • Sustainability priorities of brands different from consumers.
  • 45% more brands show interest in Sustainability, but led by only a couple of sectors.
  • Saudi has the Youngest consumers who are interested in Sustainability

The findings are based on the analysis of:

  • Community: 3.4 MN posts on sustainability from 422K unique users →To align your efforts with your audience, understand what matters to them most.
  • Government: 38K posts on sustainability from 180+ Government entities → the Government influences the future course of the sustainability conversation, see where they are taking the discussion forward to make your plans future-proof.
  • Brands: 36K+ posts on sustainability from 900 brands in the region → know where the corporate has their sustainability efforts directed and how well aligned they are with the community and government interests.

Watch the full recording below and if you need a copy of the full report, feel free to contact us.

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