Sila. Not social listening. Social understanding.

20+ dialects. Accurate sentiment. On-point emotion. Nothing lost in translation. That's our AI.

Arabic-speaking consumers. Perfectly understood with Sila.

Sila is our unique AI consumer intelligence platform that tells you what your target audience is thinking, saying and doing.

Using Arabic-native AI natural language processing, Sila (‘connection’ in Arabic) provides the most accurate insights into Arabic speaking consumers in the world.

From an almost unlimited data pool, Sila analyses dialects and sentiment in Arabic, natively. 

With Sila, nothing ever gets lost in translation.  

Sentiment, emotion, dialect - understood to perfection.

How many times have you relied on sentiment or topic data only to be disappointed with how social listening has handled Arabic? We know we were. That’s why we started to build Sila in 2018.

With Arabic-native AI, and our natural language processing models, we’re better able to deliver accurate, automated results that deliver you real feelings, fast.

The power of enrichment.

Sila has over 40 million posts from 2018 onwards, and growing daily, stored of historical data. This gives D/A unparalleled insight into your challenge at hand.

We check our universe, and if the data won’t cover what you need, it’s simply enriched.

Meaning you don’t wait for insight.

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Over 70% of the Arabic conversation online is in dialect.

Does your consumer insight tool listen properly?

It pays to listen properly. But none of our competitors do.

They don’t understand dialect, meaning they, and in turn you, miss out on 70% of ALL Arabic online.

With more data sources than most, made stronger with Arabic-native AI (we also do other languages), we give you the insight you need, fast.

Sila's use cases.

Our reporting platform (called ‘Sila Discovery’) allows for fast data visualisation while our data scientists manage the integrity of our data. Our researchers then can examine, filter and visualise the data to delve deep into finding insight that can make strategy and execution clearer.

We then use Sila by:

  • Undertaking AI-enabled consumer research;
  • Monitoring of brands, categories and topics;
  • Issues and audience deep-dives;
  • Developing marketing solutions & influencer campaigns; and
  • Producing market and category reports.

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Our Sila team leaders:

Diego Moreno
Head of Sila & Data Science

Omar Shaikh
Sr. Data Engineer

Reem Elmahdi
Data Science

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