Sila for marketing.

More than social listening, it's social understanding.

It pays to listen properly. But none of our competitors do.

They don't understand dialect, meaning they, and in turn you, miss out on 70% of ALL Arabic online.

Sila helps marketing team turn noise into signal. We take 20+ dialects 

For marketing teams we work in the following ways:

  • Brand tracking and category monitoring;
  • Issues and trends analysis;
  • AI-enabled consumer research;
  • Marketing strategy and execution;
  • AI-driven influencer campaigns; and
  • Measurement of campaigns and media.

Understand your competitors and category.

By using Sila’s advance AI, you can understand what’s happening with your competitors or category, their audience and the trends that matter to them.

Broken down in an easy-to-digest format by D/A’s researchers and you stay ahead of the pack.

Get clear vision on your listening.

How many times have you been let down by your social listening when it comes to Arabic? It might even be that you don’t know you’re being let down by it.

With Sila’s customised dashboards, searches set by D/A’s  research team and data scientists; you’ll never miss a competitor’s move again.

Oh, and Arabic-native AI means nothing is ever lost in translation.

Learn something new about what influences your audience every day.

Influence is not about followers. It’s about having persuasive power and connecting strongly with the customer.

As we say around these parts, when you know your audience, you have the power to affect change.

D/A’s audience-first methodology understands that to truly influence any consumer (even in the B2B world), you need to leverage knowledge.

Using Sila’s advance Arabic-native AI, we go beyond the numbers to find insight and measure impact.

Understand how well your brand has landed.

With Sila’s advanced sentiment and emotion detection, available across 20+ dialects of Arabic (and English!), our sentiment detection understands what matters to your audience.

Get clear, actionable next steps by comparing your sentiment to others, and know where you stand at any time.

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