Insight for leaders.

Let Sila drive profitable decisions.

Your decisions are only as good as the data that informs them.

If you know that technology can help your decision-making, utilising Sila's AI can transform business.

Sila’s models don’t just understand third-party data that we house. D/A has also optimised Sila to house first-party data.

This means that you can get the insight you need to make decisions, fast. Have customer experience issues clogging your pipeline? Call centres that are underperforming? Data gaps between what your customers are saying and actually doing.

You’re in luck, then. Because those questions are what Sila was born to answer.

Get clarity from multiple sources.

If you’ve got disparate data that doesn’t make sense on its own, it’s more than likely that it will make sense with joined up thinking and AI models. This is true of customer retention data like call centres or feedback surveys.

By mixing your data with Sila’s vault of audiences and research points we can make sense of funnels and customer acquisition.

Understand your customer and your next-best customer.

Value adding business to a customer’s purchase? Things like after-sales service can make or break a buying journey and add significant lifetime value.

Actions like segmenting existing customers with those in the ‘wild’ who are not-yet customers, allows more accurate predictions of lifetime value and investment.

Briefings that deliver cutting insight.

Just like not all companies are equal, not all data is equal. Adding to that is the complexity that data is information, not insight.

Getting insight from that information is why we mix cutting-edge natural language processing and machine learning, with old-fashioned human brains to extract clarity from the complex. Our briefings respect your time, your need and your business.

Interested in leveraging AI in your decisions?