Sila Consumer Sentiment Index: Kuwait, July, 2021

16th August 2021
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This month, we can see marginal growth from the Sila Consumer Sentiment Index: Kuwait.

As a new market to our CSI series, and relatively underrepresented, we are assessing the Sila data more by way of notable movement than the subtle and gradual shifts of the bigger markets.

“For all the lockdowns and strict measures in place, Kuwait’s consumer sentiment has been the most resilient in the Gulf. This is largely due to a parochial population and one that is driven by the government economy. The patterns that emerge in monthly fluctuations are important to understand the sentiment in Kuwait.”

D/A’s Managing Partner, Paul Kelly

The Sila Consumer Sentiment Index: Kuwait is overall at a net positive and has been in a staggered growth state since  April 2020.


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