July 20, 2022
GCC Sustainability: the consumer view.

GCC Sustainability: 2022 and beyond. Consumers, government and business: what do they think? The largest-ever assessment of Arabic-speakers’ opinions about sustainability in the GCC. With over 400k people, 900 brands and 180+ government authorities, get the definitive view of ESG. Thanks to the immense scalability and accuracy of the historical data of Sila, D/A’s AI […]

July 19, 2022
GCC travel trends report 2022

GCC Travel Trends: 2022. Understand a new era of travellers with D/A’s GCC travel trends report. “Travel has moved from something that we took for granted to something that, now, we really need,” Paul Kelly, managing partner of Dubai-based consumer-insight company D/A, told Arab News. “That’s something that came through in this analysis: This huge […]

July 16, 2022
Ramadan Insights: 2022

Ramadan insights. Connect with Arabic-speaking consumers Access the latest audience insights coupled with past Ramadan learnings to help you put Araic-speaking consumer intelligence at the core of your Ramadan seasonal campaign and marketing plans. Ramadan insights into Arabic-speaking consumers, enabled by AI at scale. We have collected some of our most popular articles & events […]

June 13, 2022
Sila CSI

Sila Consumer Sentiment Index. Get the pulse of the GCC consumer. The Sila CSI is an AI-driven Index of leading indicators of Arabic consumer sentiment in the GCC countries. Leverage the power of D/A’s AI to better understand your consumer, and what their hopes and fears are. Published monthly via email, and quarterly with a […]