VisitBritain – Nothing Nicer


To change perceptions about travel to the UK, VisitBritain aimed to present Britain as a destination beyond London, the most popular UK destination amongst GCC nationals. The business-case for this was clear: GCC visitors coming to the UK were staying only in London, by encouraging them to stay a little longer to visit non-London destinations, we would grow the revenue of the tourism sector in Britain.


We discovered there was no equivalent of the romantic notion of the countryside as a word in Arabic. After discussing and running focus groups, there were plenty of words for the functionality of the country, but none that evoke the meaning of the word in Arabic.

Rather than inventing a lexicon, we knew we had to mythbust what the countryside was in Britain. It simply wasn’t just some places some teams play football outside of London. Instead, it offered what the Khaleeji traveller was looking for on a large scale; stunning landscapes, interesting experiences and the best of British hospitality. When combined with a trip to the city of London (or other entry ports such as Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham or Edinburgh) we could offer a rich experience.


Working with popular Khaleeji content creators and social media influencers, D/A developed an experience-based campaign. This aimed at presenting Britain as a familiar, yet exciting destination with a lot more to offer to GCC travellers.

To do this, we filmed the experience of these creators from beginning to end visiting all of Britain over 6 months. Experiences were tailored to the profiles of the influencers and  their audiences. This made sure the content was a perfect fit for the educative storytelling.

Media, PR and placements supported the campaign.

Qatar Airways joined the campaign to turn the education campaign into a tactical one.


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