The GCC meets Organic milkshakes.

The challenge

Arla wanted to educate the public on the benefits of using their new Little Explorer Organic flavoured milkshakes for kids in KSA and UAE.

The insight

As the world’s largest organic dairy, Arla has a unique position in being able to easily prove claims. Our job was to have people consider the benefits of organic. This is a concept that is difficult to educate.

The solution

Firstly, the biggest challenge was to reach nutrition focused moms to get them to trade up to Little Exporters. The campaign targeted moms living in KSA and the UAE were the target for this campaign.

Who do mothers trust? Other moms.

Therefore, we worked with some of GCC’s favourite mom influencers (Khaleejis and non-Khaleejis) who were then able to educate the public. So, our audience were made aware of some useful nutritional benefits of the milkshake while being entertained them with some fun content involving those influencers’ kids.


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Nour loves snack time and he normally finds it difficult to choose what he would like to have ,but esth Arla Little Explorer its different .its always a tough descion fi choose between all the amazing flavors and whatever his choice is , I am never worried because of it’s made from Organic milk with no artificial colors or flavors in it #arlalittleexplorer #ad نور يحب وقت السناكس و دايما يكون سهل عليه اختيار السناك المفضل له بس مع ميلك شيك ارلا و لا يعاني ليختار نكهته المفضلة من بين كل النكهات و مهما كان الاختيار ما يكون عندي مانع ابدا لان ميلك شيك ارلا ما فيه اي ملونات او منكهات اصطناعية #خليهم_يكتشفوا

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Finally, the campaign was a success overall, through targeting, and ensuring the content is hyper-relevant to the audience. We were able to reach over 6.5 million users using 50 different Arabic pieces of content including images, stories and videos on Instagram. Some of the results measured by our Sila tool include:

Arla Little Explorers Campaign Results

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