Starbucks: New Ramadan moments

The challenge

COVID-19 had created a unique situation the world over. Ramadan 2020 was no exception; with the world in lockdown, how would we celebrate? The initial challenge set by Starbucks was simple – ensure the band remained relevant during Ramadan 2020.

Then COVID-19 struck.

The insight

Our initial plan took into account a key brand truth for Starbucks. It’s a brand with a strong resonance in the GCC.

Ramadan has its own customs and traditions. Could we blend them? We looked at our Sila tool for insights about the season and saw an interesting trend. The emergence of gifting and togetherness had been emerging since 2019. The continued trend, especially during a difficult Ramadan, couldn’t be that difficult. Could it?

Starbucks is a brand that needs no introduction in the GCC, so if one can’t visit the coffee house, then it seemed a slam dunk to us to introduce the proposition of stay-at-home Starbucks.

With the day constrained by fasting, we set about to create a Starbucks Ramadan coffee moment before Suhoor and after fatoor. Right when our data said there was a Iull in activity. But how to connect to that moment this year?

The solution for Starbucks

Creating that moment and linking the Chilled Coffee of Starbucks to this moment is easier said than done.

To get the chilled nature of the drinks across, we distributed ice buckets to integrate into the content and then set about creating the moments around gaming (men) and the Zoom catch ups now happening instead of house visits post-fatoor. We created these moments, introduced the product and set about creating engagement points.


With a minimal budget, we were able to work with a handful of creators to drive home the message with significant engagement.

The campaign generated $120kUSD in extra media equivalency, a 26.2% engagement rate on the content, and contributed to the continued significant growth of the brand’s sales in 2020.