Puck: Discovering Breakfast

The challenge:

Puck was looking for opportunities to grow its cheese category around breakfast. As a much-loved part of the breakfast routine, Puck felt it could play a larger role and wanted to understand what that role could be. Digital Ape was asked to work on the insights and strategy for the brief.

The insight

Firstly, we set about using our powerful in-house Sila tool to deliver insights about consumer behaviour in the region. There was some data that indicated that there was indeed a gap in the market for breakfast and was something that could be, with the right messaging, be educated with.

We knew there was a gap with how breakfast was being perceived.

For example, we had found that breakfast only accounted for 6% of all food related posts on all platforms (including recipes and ‘tips’ content).

Secondly, it was our next step connect our social data to web data. We could then connect the social findings to something broader. We connected academic studies to the social data and found that there was a significant gap in Saudi Arabia, particularly.

With changes to the economic circumstances of the country, along with less help at home, families were under stress. The first thing to suffer? Breakfast.

With over 75% of respondents in an academic paper survey saying they regularly skipped breakfast, it was clear we had a conversation problem.

The strategy

The equation was simple. More moms needed to know that breakfast was not only the most important meal of the day, but it helped shaped their children’s emotions.

Puck set about creating an education platform for exactly that.

This is the basis for Puck’s new breakfast platform. The aim to educate the moms of the GCC in the importance of breakfast, at scale. Leading on from that, we can then connect with them over a long period of time. All production and creative development was done by Puck’s in-house agency – sample content:

Website landing page:

Puck Breakfast website