Introducing a new Starbucks Matcha moment to the UAE

The challenge : A not so popular new flavour

Starbucks is synonymous with coffee. Surely, a world-renowned brand that has built a huge reputation in the region would be easy to market?

Nope. Not when the product in hand is green tea. It became quite a big challenge with Matcha being an unpopular option and specially that the product is new to the brand. Here was the beginning of Starbucks Matcha in the UAE.

The solution : Living a Matcha Moment

Creating a Matcha moment, a much needed period of refreshment. While Starbucks RTD had become known for their ready-made coffee across the region, introducing a green tea Matcha flavoured option required incredible messaging.

To avoid reflecting negatively on the bottled coffee sales, we created a separate moment for Matcha, focused on Japanese Zen where Matcha was a drink of relaxation.

With the help of UAE based lifestyle influencers – Khaleejis, Arabs and Non-Arabs – we were able to introduce to the market as a whole a new product suitable for an audience between the ages of 18-30.

Results : A new favourite flavour

With a very limited budget, we were able to work with a handful of creators to drive home the message and introduce the UAE to Starbucks Matcha.

Finally, the campaign was able to reach 3.4 million viewers on Instagram using images and instagram stories. The reception was quite good, with an engagement rate of 30%.

Starbucks Matcha campaign results