HSBC: Perspectives for expats

The challenge

HSBC was having a challenge in the UAE. They found it hard connecting their retail customers to being understanding the concept of future life stages. This had implications for saving for the future, and some of HSBC’s products. It was a market they were keen to expand on.

The insight

The common two-year employment horizons mean that Most people who move to the UAE have short-term ambitions.

Therefore, there’s little thinking beyond that timeframe. As a result, if employment contracts are renewed, they are often on similar fixed terms. In other words, expats leave with little, if any, savings.

There was an opportunity to connect to different audiences with culturally culturally relevant messages through education. The content produced aimed to educate the core audience through relatable campaign content, we could build resonance.

In other words, expats could then see a longer term future for their finances beyond immediate needs.

The HSBC Perspectives solution

Most important was to connect to these expats. So consequently, we created stories of people from different backgrounds that came to the UAE for very different reasons.

For example, Expats protecting their futures through proactive savings or insurance was a common theme throughout all the stories.

The second series contained a host, Nima Abu Wardeh, a television personality from the BBC. Filmed in a different style it aimed to resonate more closely with the needs of expats through first series learnings, it was a fresh take on the campaign.

The content series was made into different formats, with a hub on the HSBC website. The series, called HSBC Perspectives, was trafficked across digital channels and relevant media opportunities and channels.


The campaign delivered an increase in leads and gave the relationship managers significant tools to drive engagement with potential customers. As a result, HSBC generated significant leads as part of the campaign performance, allowing relationship managers greater opportunities. Specific results remain confidential.