HSBC: CEO’s Outlook with Riz Khan

The challenge

With a platform to help companies make sense of complex trade trends and information, HSBC Business Banking was looking for ways to connect a hard to reach audience to the content.

The audience that was hard to reach was B2B decision-makers – with the bank’s commercial product a core part of the brief.

The insight

In two key areas, primary decision-makers in companies, the C-Suite, finds time difficult to come by across two key areas.

Firstly, the faster the insights the quicker that decisions can be made for this time-poor audience. Secondly, the C-Suite is also only as good as the information it receives. Therefore, we knew we had to connect these dots.

To connect those dots, first we had to understand the core drivers of their interest areas. More often than not, in the GCC and MENA as a whole, the key to success is expansion. So we looked to common challenges that might resonate with C-Suite to build our solution.

The HSBC CEO’s Outlook solution

Global Connections already was a great platform, we could see something bigger ahead of that technical platform. Creating a hub where a trusted figure among that target audience could identify with was paramount. The content needed to speak to topic areas that would interest the audience. Additionally, the content was shaped with very different business stages in mind.

Next most important thing was being able to learn from CEOs in the market who had built successful businesses from a diverse background. We created the ‘HSBC CEO’s Outlook’ series of in-depth interviews, content pieces, shorts and trafficked it with TVCs (running on business cable, airports) and ads across different touchpoints (Including PR).

Riz Khan (ex BBC, Al Jazeera and CNN) hosted the series.  A relatable personality to help anchor the series, helped the target audience connect with the content more easily.


The HSBC CEO’s Outlook was awarded a Silver Effie in the MENA Effies. It delivered significant new business gains, long view times and created the basis of HSBC commercial banking outreach for 2 years.