Gap – Recycle Your Blues


Gap, as both a brand and a holding company, has CSR initiatives at its core. A steward of the environment, Gap continually seeks ways to highlight reduction of waste.

A global initiative to encourage responsible use of fast-fashion, the campaign needed to be relevant to the market. This meant standing above what Gap had done before, and get the message across in-store and out.


In a fast-paced world with even faster fashion, we wanted to connect the idea of re-use with up-cycling, not just recycling. The opportunity was to drive further engagement with the notion that not only can products we consume be re-used, but they can take on another form.


D/A knew that people tune out of this message. We needed to connect with them in a way that was relevant but also memorable. The best way to connect the message of ‘beyond recycling’ was to recycle Gap’s own denim and create art from that denim in a way that could engage digital and physical audiences.

We worked with six young, emerging artists from the UAE and Kuwait to create unique denim-based art and pushed the message online with the help of bloggers. The created artworks was exhibited at the opening of the Gap flagship store at Dubai Mall, while the digital campaign supported the content.