British Council – ‘My Unique Experience’


British Council wanted to encourage the young GCC nationals to study for their higher education in the UK. Facing competition from countries like the USA and Australia, Britain needed to be relevant to young Khaleejis. To do this, the challenge was to work with stakeholders (higher education institutions) alongside the British Council to deliver that message.


The campaign was based on significant insights about each age group targeted and enabled us to drive true engagement with outstanding results.

Our cultural understanding played the key role here. We discovered the decision-making process is split in three parts. The first are the people who needed to decide that Britain was the place for them (mid-teens) to aspire to. Second, was those actively making decisions (last year of school, first year of college).

Then the most important was the parents and ensuring that they ‘bought in’ to their children studying abroad and the benefits it could bring.


We launched a multi-level digital content campaign that began by working with content creators who experienced Britain’s offers first-hand and shared these experiences with the target audience through immersive content, reaching both the students of the future and their parents.

The content was then targeted to them through media segmentation of the audiences and information packs. This was backed up by a microsite where the different generations could register, learn more or attend information sessions.

The campaign attracted 6,000 qualified leads for the universities to act on, over and above the usual intake of students. This contributes heavily to the total value of foreign students, currently worth £25bn each year to the British Economy.


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