Arab News – Hajj App

The Story

While Arab News is the leading English-language newspaper in Saudi Arabia, it sought to improve its digital presence by offering pilgrims a real chance to connect with the event, and importantly, those back home.

Hajjis the busiest holiest occasion in KSA attracting millions of visitors annually. It also presents many challenges to pilgrims: the venue is crowded and getting lost or losing track of a member of your family is common with the only information and support for pilgrims often in Arabic. Arab News saw a role for its English-language coverage of the Hajj to not only report on the occasion in English but to also assist English-speaking pilgrims attending Hajj.


To help readers to keep tracks of their loved ones and for pilgrims to get information on their surrounds, we provided English-speaking pilgrims a tool to help them during the Hajj by launching Arab News Hajj app, a tool that Pilgrims can use to reach everything you required for the pilgrimage and encourage family members not there with loved ones to download it and stay in touch with the pilgrims while there via a social tracker.

To promote the app, we created a campaign that was launched, both in print and online, when the app was listed in the store.

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