Helping the GCC find Great Britain digitally

The challenge : Travel & COVID

The challenge? Boost British tourism by helping VisitBritain improve their digital presence.

A year-long journey including an unexpected pandemic -which hit the travel industry by storm– with VisitBritainto work on improving their digital presence using User-Generated content and limited resources. The arrival of COVID-19 meant that that travelers could no longer visit the UK, and that caused multiple change of plans. With these fast-changing situations, we had to adapt quickly and constantly make changes to content.

The work : Improving the Digital Presence

The UK has always been a popular destination amongst the GCC audience. However, it had a weak digital presence in the region.

Both English and Arabic websites were used, with strong Search Engine Optimization. With regular community and content management across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we were able to reassert Britain’s strong tourism presence with the GCC audience.

With the pandemic hitting globally, our approach had to change. While usually motivating travelers to visit, we had to change our approach to a dreamy one. Travelers were now enjoying content and dreaming about visiting until life goes back to normal.

We used Sila, our data warehouse, to identify sentiments towards travel and shape up our content based on them. You can read more on sentiment towards travel during COVID and Ramadan here.

Results : The success

Using only organic content, we were able to increase reach by 570% on Instagram. We were able to also gain an 899% boost in engagements and an increase of 572% on impressions. Notably, most of these came during the COVID-19 period.

On average, Twitter had over one million impressions/month and over 50k engagements during COVID which was an increase of over 3,000% from the previous year.

We were able to successfully improve VisitBritain’s digital presence even during a difficult COVID-19 period across all platforms.

Helping the GCC find Great Britian

VisitBritain’s social media average performance 2019-2020