Insights teams

Leverage AI in your market research.

Through Sila, D/A brings technology to research tasks.

Using natural language processing we’re able to understand what consumers do, not what they say they do.

Trusting what consumers say rather than what they do has its flaws. That’s why D/A built Sila. Using our vast vault of 40mn+ posts, pre-defined audiences and trended data, we have a starting point for any research task. All natively in Arabic.

Incorporate technology into your briefs and let D/A:

  • Usage and Attitude;
  • Segmentation;
  • Brand Equity;
  • Category Diagnostics (topic/T&B/lapsing);
  • Audience analysis and diagnostics;
  • CX;
  • Sentiment and emotion analysis; and
  • Trend Analysis.

Use technology to lead your decision-making.

Market research methods haven’t changed in over 90 years. With the use of technology we radically change what consumers say, and instead focus on what they do.

With D/A’s technology, Sila, in addition to our skilled researchers; we do exactly that. Watch. And with every brief we leverage data for fast, accurate and dependable insight.

Frustrated at slow findings that can’t be trusted?

D/A’s approach, using our vault of 40mn+ posts to start any brief, means that we have a head start with almost any task.

Then using AI enrichment, we turn around complex studies in a matter of two weeks, not months.

Sila. Designed by MENA researchers for MENA researchers.

AI enabled consumer research with market research methodologies.

At D/A we don’t just rely on technology to do all the lifting. After all, data doesn’t equate insight. Our researchers use cutting edge data enquiry methods to understand and dissect the information to get insight.

This provides you with not only a report, but access to filterable dashboards and the source data, meaning peace of mind that there’s accurate takeaways from your brief.

The more you use Sila, the smarter it gets.

The thing with AI, and natural language processing that Sila uses, is that it leverages machine learning. Every time it gets used, it gets smarter.

Incorporating technology into your research workflows means that not only do you get time and accuracy benefits, you’re also able to reap the rewards of getting smarter. Every day.

Interested in Sila’s research capabilities?