PR & Communications teams

Leverage AI monitors and insight to track and sharpen briefs.

Media is firmly in the digital age now.

D/A’s AI-driven natural language processing works natively in 20+ dialects, collecting insight that media monitoring can’t.

Of all the conversation online in Arabic, over 70% is in dialect. That means if the technology you use for trends, audiences or monitoring isn’t using dialect, you’re only getting 30% of the picture.

Leverage D/A’s natural language processing and Arabic-native AI to capture, process and deliver insight on more trends than anyone else in the market.

More than social listening, it’s social understanding.

D/A’s Sila platforms means you can monitor more mentions and conversations in more places than many other services.

Coupled with Arabic-native AI and natural language processing models, we can understand sentiment, emotion and dialect better than anyone on the market. That’s our promise.

It pays to understand more.

When you’re only getting part of the conversation, decisions are made without the full knowledge of what an audience truly wants, or what they are.

Sure, we might track similar sources and more mentions across the digital and physical worlds than most competitors. The difference? Sila picks up more ‘in the wild’ conversations than most thanks to Arabic-native AI.

Build, retain and win accounts with Sila’s insights.

Communications begins and ends with stories that catch on. Sila understands what works, what doesn’t, and where it works.

Leverage Sila’s pre-built audiences and historical posts of over 40mn+ to better understand who you’re talking with and what they expect.

Leverage our personality insights to then drive better knowledge about target audiences, brand audiences and even competitor audiences to know what message will resonate, when.

We’ll tell you something new about your consumer, every day.

D/A’s promise is that Sila will tell you something new about your consumer, brand or topic every single day. Every. Single. Day.

By leveraging our own technology, and not re-selling others, we’re able to make sure you get the insight you need.

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