5 September 2022

Webinar: Market Research in the age of AI

About the event

Interested to understand how market research AI works and how it can transform your processes?

Join our head of research, Faisal Khan, to understand better how traditional MR can be enhanced by AI.

Frustrated by your current market research, but not sure where to start? D/A’s head of research, Faisal Khan, will take participants through how AI is used, what it’s most useful for, and how traditional market research can be better supplemented by technology.

After all, the technology is there, it’s reliable, and straightforward, so why not use it?

And while we’re obviously biased, as experts in the MENA region on utilising the power of AI in transformational research, we’re happy to recommend a way forward for confused insights teams.

Welcome & opening remarks.


Main presentation.


Questions and close.


Speakers at this event

Faisal Khan

Head of Research – D/A

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

Co-Founder & CEO – D/A

Dina Husseini

Client Success – D/A

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