11 October 2022

Webinar: How to work on your influencer strategy for lasting success.

About the event.

As a brand, you want to make sure to know what is the outcome of working with influencers (“Content Creators”). 

What do you consider to be success after it’s all over?

Companies looking to position their products or services with an influencer marketing strategy should play it smart and talk to their audiences in a way they want to hear. This webinar focuses on key areas for creating a successful influencer strategy. Answering questions like – What are the behavioral trends we’ve been noticing in consumers? How do you find the influencers you need? What are the tactics you need in play to succeed? – as well as the metrics you’ll want to consider. Join our webinar to discover the tactics you need to develop your influencer outreach plan, foster long-term brand loyalty, and measure your campaign’s effectiveness.

Welcome & scene setting.


Main presentation.


Questions and close.


Speakers at this event

Sabine Khoury

Client Services Director – D/A

Nada Mourad

Influence Campaign Manager – D/A

Dina Husseini

Client Success – D/A

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