D/A Labs: “Strategy without process is little more than a wish list.” Robert Filek.

D/A Labs

The strategy Engine

Our strategy engine brings together audience-first insights, giving brands a fresh viewpoint backed by rigorous data you can trust.

Data-backed strategy that leads to creative effectiveness:

  • Brand perception, growth and SOV
  • Economic & Cultural indicators
  • Topic trends & affinities
  • Segmentation/ personality analysis
  • Life Stage analysis

What our Labs do

We go beyond demographics and purchase behaviour. With access to billions of ambient data points, we can understand what is important to consumers in real-time and what macro and micro trends they are reacting to.

Consumer analysis

Sentiment and behavioral-pattern identification gives marketers the power of predictive modelling to ensure their brands stay ahead of the consumption curves and remain relevant and purposeful.

Brand analysis

Understand the drivers your brand and your competitors are known for, and craft your messaging to reflect this, enabling brand-equity measurement for specific values across different markets.

Market analysis

Pinpoint economic and cultural indicators that drive market performance by way of consumer confidence through close monitoring of audiences’ movements and reactions within specific industries.