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Strategy & Platforms

Brands need to communicate with purpose to authentically connect with consumers.

We have formulated a process that helps marketers apply an audience-first strategy to real-world communications and creative.

We advise on creators that can bring these insights to life because the content they create forms communities that become valuable to brands. We have worked with creators since 2012, being the first Middle East-based agency to work with all types of creators across some of the world’s biggest brands, driven by our data platform Sila.

Strategy & Creative Platforming 

  • Strategy & creative strategy
  • Campaign briefing
  • Campaign KPIs and measurement
  • Development from Insight
  • Creator identification


Audience-first strategy

Our audience-first strategy model is designed to be worked on collaboratively with your marketing team.

The end result is a workable single-page brief with science at its heart, packed with true insight. 

Ripple is our proprietary tool that produces creative briefs with purpose and marketing roadmaps for future planning and campaign work.

Ripple organises insights into creative drivers: 

  1. Cultural immersion 
  2. Affinities
  3. Objectives
  4. Performance 
  5. Real-world application  

D/A also provides the data and analysis used to uncover insight and produce the strategy roadmap.


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