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 Get Sila’s AI-enabled cutting insight easy and fast via D/A Labs & Sila products that can drive business growth with razor-sharp insight into Arabic-speaking consumers across the Middle East.


Category & Trend reports.

In-depth reports covering the latest trends, audience analysis, personality and insight about the categories and trend predictions are updated every quarter to keep you ahead of emerging and ongoing consumer interest and behaviour within each category or topic:

Current categories:  Travel / FMCG Food & Beverage / Beauty & Personal Care

Upcoming categories/ Trends: Finance / Government

Presentations dive deep into consumer behaviour, macro environment and micro trends; and are presented in a way that gives you large data,  insights and strategies that enable you to connect to the Arabic audience in your, or adjacent, categories.

GCC Traveller intent by age
GCC Overall Consumer Sentiment - December 2021

Sila Consumer Sentiment Index

The Sila Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI), is a monthly report that tracks consumer confidence in GCC markets: Overall GCC outlook report / UAE / Saudi / Oman / Qatar / Bahrain / Kuwait. 

The consumer index informs business leaders when planning for growth strategies about the consumer acceptability, readiness and reservations on a macro level by market in the GCC.

  • Ingesting 100mn data points from consumers (excluding news).
  • Using Arabic-native AI, Sila then determines consumer sentiment across a range of topics from the economy, business and employment to an overall reading.
  • D/A’s team then offers unmatched insight and commentary on the trends to enable you to make sense of what consumers are feeling in each of the markets.

Audience-first reports & seasonal analysis.

D/A releases regular audience studies that give your brand an in-depth look into the most impactful demographic & psychographic ‘TRIBES’ prevalent and emerging in the GCC.

Ever wondered what your audiences, or your desired audiences, truly do online?

These reports undertake audience ‘TRIBE’ analysis by market (e.g. ‘Gen Z’ or culture vultures), providing insight across personality and a depth of observation on audiences that enables creativity, NPD and marketing tactics that can better reach fragmenting audiences.

Regular seasonal reports are also released to capture changing behaviours within buying groups & tribes during peak seasonal occasions. (e.g. Ramadan or Back to school)

Current Trends: Ramadan / Arabic Mom’s 3.0 / Audience-first planning for  GCCmarketers

Upcoming categories/ Trends: Arabic-speaking youth mindset / and many more …

KSA Consumer Sentiment
GCC consumer sentiment

Insight Leaders events

D/A runs a mix of industry meetings, roundtables, presentations through in-person and virtual events.

To stay informed about upcoming FREE to attend events, sign up to our ‘Connections’ newsletter today. You will also receive regular updates on the latest consumer insights in your industry.

The events cover topics like future trends, observations and thought-leadership from D/A’s team and others. It provides a forum to ask questions and interrogate the results in ways that report engagement simply can’t.

Upcoming events Q1: 

  • Feb 2022: Planning for Ramadan 3.0 – live webinar 
  • Feb 2022: ‘Know your audience’ – series 2 podcast release 
  • Mar 2022: Tik Tok & D/A insights breakfast (subject to change)

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GCC traveller profiles

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