September 7, 2021
GCC travel consumer insights: A DEconstructed series webinar replay

D/A's second DEconstructed webinar: "Travel in the GCC" shed light on a new wave of regional travelers and their new world context. The focus was to look at the macro-level environment changes and how that translates into new trends, combined with an approach to microdata on a travel consumer level. This strategic approach to data analysis provided a path for attendees to start thinking about what the travel market return to 'normal' might look like for consumers and how to identify and connect with new 'travel tribes' emerging in what will become an even more competitive and hard-to convert category.

August 10, 2021
The who, where and why of Arabic student travel trends

With the Saudi market representing the largest percentage of the Arabic travel conversation in the GCC, as uncovered in our last travel article; “GCC’s travel intent rises steadily. Who are the audiences driving the demand?”, it is no wonder that the major demographics were male youth.

June 22, 2021
GCC’s travel intent rises steadily. Who are the audiences driving the demand?

The devastated tourism sector will be happy knowing a healthy and rapidly growing appetite for travel within the GCC, with travel demand rising. With the increase in travel signals, we’ve been able to track a more in-depth set of trends and insights from GCC travellers. With GCC rising travel demand is being met with the obvious […]

GCC travel update feature image
November 30, 2020
US and Turkey amongst GCC’s first ideal travel destinations

You’re probably like us, craving a flight out for a quick vacation. Unfortunately, since the start of the  wide-spread of COVID-19, this has not been freely possible – at least to most destinations. Previously, we had identified a list of potential first destinations that the GCC were interested in travelling to; however, with the hit […]