September 28, 2021
DEconstructed: Food consumers: Webinar replay

D/A’s third DEconstructed webinar: “Food consumers in the GCC” held on Tuesday, 28th September, shed light on changes that have occurred around GCC buying habits, consumption preferences, and the macro-market and category movements over the past 2 years. The focus was to look at the macro-level environment changes and how that translates into new trends, […]

September 23, 2021
GCC #Instafoodies adapting content strategies

In our last article “Food audiences in the GCC growing despite platform fragmentation” we looked at Sila’s overall food creator data across the major video platforms; Youtube, Instagram and Tik Tok. With the advent of Reels and Tik Tok, the data showed an increasing conversation and in areas an increasingly engaged audience. But one platform […]

September 12, 2021
Food audiences in the GCC growing despite platform fragmentation

With the disruption of Tik Tok, Reels and Youtube algorithm changes, we could be forgiven for assuming brands would have an increased battle on their hands for attention.  We looked into Sila data to put a microscope on Foodies; creators and their audiences over the last 24 months. We wanted to understand the effect that […]

May 30, 2021
Is organic part of the UAE and KSA health conversation?

FMCG brands in the MENA region are investing in the worldwide organic produce trend with heightened marketing efforts on the shelf and online, communicating the lifestyle and health benefits of buying organic.  In response, consumers are becoming more conscious, but is the conversation one-sided?  Collecting ambient feedback via our Arabic AI platform, Sila, and deep-diving […]