May 24, 2022
What is natural language processing? A beginner’s guide to AI.

Artificial intelligence is often shrouded in mystery, and natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most complex aspects of AI. NLP allows machines to understand human speech and naturally interact with humans. In this blog post, we will explain NLP and how it works. We will also discuss the benefits of using NLP for […]

COVID 19 variants affecting consumer sentiment
December 13, 2021
How the Omicron variant has shifted consumer sentiment in the UAE

A bump, then a boost. That’s what the last week of November and the first week of December looked like for consumer sentiment in the UAE on news of the Omicron variant. On the 26th of November, the WHO declared the COVID-19 variant ‘omicron’ a variant of concern. The same day, oil dropped 10%, while stocks […]

When a view is not a view
April 25, 2021
Instagram Reels: when a view is not a 👀

Hello, I’m a marketer and I’m an addict. Before you hand me the number of a professional and exit the page, hear me out on my addiction. I’m addicted to 0’s. In the marketing world, vanity metrics. And Instagram Reels is making those views worse. More 0’s means more ROI! Right? As the cynicism drifts […]

March 16, 2021
UAE’s business sentiment hits highest point since Pre-COVID.

COVID, the seemingly relentless topic has now been infiltrating our conversations for an entire year. But the ‘negative’ (or is it positive?) sentiment is not so relentless.   Although COVID has changed almost every single aspect of our day-to-day lives; the way we eat, the way we work and the way we communicate, it has not […]

Travelling without a destination
February 25, 2021
GCC Travel Trends: No destination needed, just a flight out.

No two days on a holiday are the same, but over the past year, travel has been difficult or for most cases, non-existent. A harsh reality that we have had to learn to deal with and for the travel industry, a nightmare that they cannot wait to wake up from. COVID-19 hit the world by […]

Taking the vaccine to travel?
February 15, 2021
COVID & GCC Travel: Taking a vaccine to fly out?

Well, 2020 was all about COVID-19; 2021 however, is all about vaccines. Yes, its just been 2 months but with news worth 2 years. Vaccines are live and in action across the GCC with your Sinopharm, Sputnik and Pfizer earlier taking over both word-of-mouth and social platforms. From the public’s perspective, it feels like the […]

Influencer mix & match
January 14, 2021
Influencer marketing: A mix and match for maximum ROI.

Influencer Marketing, an art, a science, the present and future of the marketing world. It is safe to say that, influencers, or as we prefer to call them, content creators, have gone from being the stars of social media to the modern world entrepreneur. Content creators are now their own brand, holding power to consumer […]

Influencer Marketing
December 8, 2020
Understanding Influencer Marketing and how to do it right.

As we close in on the end of quite an eventful, yet somehow seemingly uneventful year, one thing remains invariable, influencer marketing. Although it has been the main talking point across the marketing sector over the last few years, 2020 was quite different. With TikTok taking over in some demographics, and almost everything turning digital, […]

COVID-19 and Business: The positives feature image
November 15, 2020
D/A COVID-19 Business Tracker – Business Sentiment in the UAE.

Well, we know one thing’s for a fact, COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. Understandably, it’s everywhere and almost everyone talks about it, quite literally, all the time. While the conversation has started to drop as of lately, it remains a very relevant topic as the pandemic evolves around the world.  Digital Ape dug […]

Data Scientist at Digital Ape
September 1, 2020
Changing Landscapes of Influencer Campaign Management in the G.C.C.

Influencer/Creator campaign management. It’s is being forced to adapt to ravenous digital demand. The Pandemic has brought about new challenges and extra focus on the digital world. With this focus comes extra risks of brands losing out in the changing landscape of influencer campaign management. (malevolently or otherwise) Those who don’t leverage cutting-edge data techniques, […]