Identifying GCC health trends for product innovation

Sila’s ability to access data from 2018 uncovers GCC health trends and understands the impact of Covid.

It is not always easy to spot the actual trend in a world of buzzwords, punchlines and all that noise on health claims.

D/A's Sila powers us to spot that trend you want to invest in.

Health has always been a buzzword which brands attempt to leverage with their claims, communication, product extensions. Yet it still isn’t saturated, health opportunities continue to evolve and interest consumers as trends evolve. GCC health trends are no different.

The question with trends though, is what’s next? Is this a trend or just a short term blip? Where do we invest? Who do we target?

These were just some of the questions that a leading dairy brand raised to the D/A team.

Audience first, always.

We didn’t start to look for health keywords and jump on to what was trending, but true to our audience-first strategy, we started with building a ‘health audience’. This is everyone who showed any degree of interest in the topic of health passively or actively formed this audience.

We analysed who this audience is, what they are engaging with and what motivates them. Such a detailed understanding and complete view of the audience enabled us to arrive at what we call actual trends that have no element of bias.

A funnel approach, zoomed out to nuanced health insights.

The zoomed-out picture: the millions of conversations around health became four emerging themes, which were nutrition, general well-being, physicality and health technology. The impact of covid was significant, with the rise of mental health, the decline in the importance of appearance and a growing community of people leveraging technology to keep track of a healthy life.

The nuances: with a specific focus on nutrition, the data guided us to explore trends on what is driving the interest in plant-based preferences, the steady status of organic options, increasing acknowledgement of personal intolerances, such as Lactose and Gluten and the growing awareness of the role of macro & micro nutrients in a balanced diet.

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