Lurpak: Ramadan.

D/A's Sila and Influence create impact for the iconic butter.

Accessible recipes from creators who took over Lurpak’s voice during Ramadan time was the key to help the brand to retake category leadership in the market by 7.1%, with a market share of 5.3% and 41 tons of butter sold during the campaign time.

for Lurpak MENA

During Ramadan, Lurpak wanted to inspire people to create good food their families deserve for Iftar.

The ultimate aim? To re-take category leadership.

The biggest challenge? This needed to be done in a way that could live on its own on digital channels, but also in-aisle.

Through D/A and Sila, a creative, measurable solution was released to help gather the momentum of the brand during the most important season of food consumption in the Islamic world.

The insight.

The first Lurpak Ramadan was at a time when few brands were using search data rather than social data. Finding a key data insight that the highest frequency time for searching Ramadan recipes was actually two weeks before the start of the Holy Month, we decided to leverage this timeframe to make the campaign successful.

Additionally, we found that the kitchens were getting less help in Iftar preparation than ever before, meaning less time and more stress in the kitchen.

The Solution.

Women, particularly cooks, connected with influencers better than brand messaging on its own. The solution to meet the brief meant that we decided to work with content creators to make accessible recipe content and ‘take-over’ Lurpak’s voice before and during Ramadan on YouTube.

This enabled us to get a multi-layered campaign including recipe solutions (main, dessert and starters) and special Ramadan packaging to support the digital campaign.

The videos were published on Lurpak’s YouTube channel and the content creators posted short edits and pictures on their platforms to drive their audiences to subscribe to Lurpak’s channel.

Media spend supported the campaign, driven by the Shahid platform on MBC but also placements on social.

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