Barilla: Grow & nurture.

Leveraging data to help the world's #1 pasta brand.


With the start at 0, the current market leader at 7,  we grew Barilla’s digital top of mind affinity score to 3.5. We were able to develop a winning platform for Barilla in Saudi to connect with the audience staying true to the brand as well,  thanks to our Sila insights platform.

Barilla for Barilla Saudi Arabia.

What happens when the world's biggest pasta brand needed niche insight into their new GCC market?

They called on Sila and D/A Influence to help connect dots.

Barilla is a relatively new brand in Saudi Arabia, with little of the brand equity it has in other countries. As the premier Italian-made brand in the market, their challenge was to introduce the brand and drive trial. 

As a new brand the differentiation of the Italian heritage was important.

The insight.

Following a review of cooking data from our Sila platform, we found that Italian cuisine wasn’t as strong as Barilla would want it. The pasta brand known for its Italianity, we found that elevated mealtimes were key to home cooks in Saudi Arabia.

Cooking the Italian way requires a specific mindset to preparation and way of approaching mealtimes that hasn’t been considered before.

Solution for Barilla.

We know that Saudis engage with influencers 10-15x more than brands. So we deployed our data platform, Sila, to better understand which audiences followed which accounts that matched our objective of elevated mealtimes.

We traced two key audiences and found creators that were unique to each audience, to avoid direct repetition of the content across multiple creators. This helps drives better budget allocation and stronger ROI.

D/A developed a platform for Barilla in Saudi Arabia that saw real cooks communicate with Saudis for six months. They shared Italian recipes, staying true to the brand. 

The results.

All content performed above expectations for the campaign, achieving a view rate, with engagements, much higher than benchmarks.

With a start at 0, with the current market leader at 7, we grew Barilla’s digital top of mind affinity score to 3.5. All metrics are above benchmarks as measured by our Sila tool.

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