Arla Organic: Growing organic in the GCC.

How Sila and D/A influence help shape trends.


The activity achieved extraordinary 190k engagement through targeting, by ensuring the content is hyper-relevant to the audience and weaving storytelling into the benefit message. 

Arla Foods for Arla Organic.

What does organic milk mean to GCC consumers?

And, how do we get them to trade up?

These were the key questions Arla challenged D/A with for its Organic milk product.

With COVID-19 having us consider our food choices in more detail, Arla wanted to educate the public about trading up to Organic milk.

The largest challenge is that there is little understanding of the true meaning of organic in the GCC. Even less when it comes to milk.

The insight.

Following COVID-19 health had drawn into the consciousness of consumers across the GCC – especially when it came to food preparation. With health consciousness on the rise, there was an opportunity to engage with the audience. Between January and June, there was a rise of nearly 350% of healthy food conversations on Sila.

The world’s largest organic dairy, Arla has a unique position in being able to easily prove claims. It has a large and extensive organic portfolio, and produces the largest amount of organic milk in the world.

Our job was to have people consider the benefits of organic – a concept that is difficult to educate.

The Arla Organic solution.

The biggest challenge was to reach nutrition focused moms to get them to trade up – as this niche would be our early adopter for future campaigns.

The key was simple, highly the benefit of trading up to organic milk from competitors in the ‘fresh’ category, which are often treated with hormones, to a clean, pure milk.

Focusing on the consumption moments of milk enabled us to better to tell a story than a pure product placement. This allowed us to weave storytelling into the benefit message.

Given the situation it then became about education, resonating with the target audience with controlled content that drove a specific message home.

The results.

We had extraordinary engagement through targeting, by ensuring the content is hyper-relevant to the audience. 

Our Sila Arabic-dialect sentiment model has also a net approval rating of 88.4%, the largest of any content campaign ever undertaken by D/A. 

This is measured by custom sentiment models.

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