AI-enabled market research.

Technology driven insights you can trust.

Sila is D/A's AI enabled market research and intelligence technology. Layered with human expertise, our insights are actionable, fast and accurate.

Built by MENA researchers, for MENA researchers. Sila's more than social listening, its social understanding.

Designed for consumer research and insights, Sila is built using advanced AI technology.

Using Arabic-native AI natural language processing, Sila (‘connection’ in Arabic) provides the most accurate insights into Arabic speaking consumers in the world.

From an almost unlimited data pool, Sila analyses dialects and sentiment in Arabic, natively. That way, nothing ever gets lost in translation.  

Work with D/A and Sila for AI enabled market research and undertake studies for:

  • Usage and attitude;
  • segmentation;
  • brand equity;
  • category diagnostics (triggers & barriers/lapsing);
  • consumer and personality insights;
  • CX; and
  • trend analysis.

Understand trends over time and their impact.

Is plant-based a flash in the pan, or is it something we should be looking to invest in? If questions like that are important to you, Sila can help.

Using historical, trended data, see the impact of trends over time to better understand if a trend is a trend, or a flash in the pan.

Interactive dashboards, coupled with reports give you clear, straightforward information that can quickly shift business decisions.

Segment in real-time to better understand your consumer.

Sila’s advanced audience insights allow you to view different segments in our ‘readymade’ audiences almost immediately. Want to see how you fare against your category? Just select category and brand, et voila.

If there’s a brief at hand, we use our machine learning technology and data science to segment, report and deliver to you a clear report with panels in the hundreds of thousands, not dozens.

Human researchers and scientists to connect the dots for you.

Then, straightforward reports help spot the difference between actual consumer trends and short-term anomalies.

With Sila, our researchers have access to accurate data that can turn to insight in a flash. D/A’s research is headed by industry veterans that understand that market research has changed. 

Far from claimed responses, Sila’s 40mn+ data points enable us to understand consumers better than they understand themselves using our unique ‘audience first’ methodology.

When humans mix with AI, we get beautiful, fast insight.

Incorporate technology into your research questions.

Leverage Sila’s natural language processing (a form of Artificial Intelligence) that can help process data, extract feelings and even attribute personality insights.

All in Arabic, natively (and other languages too!). 

We believe that market research has long been held back by not embracing technology. That’s why Sila is built by researchers, for researchers.

Our AI enabled market research & Sila team leaders:

Faisal Khan
Head of Research

Diego Moreno
Head of Sila & Data Science

Omar Shaikh
Sr. Data Engineer

Reem Elmahdi
Data Science

Interested in implementing Sila into your business workflow?