D/A helps marketing leaders understand, and connect with, Arab-world consumers.


Empowering the Arabic-speaking world’s most connected brands.

D/A is a marketing & consumer consultancy with its proprietary Arabic-native AI, Sila, that helps brands get closer to Arabic-speaking consumers through insight, strategy and action. Across our 12-year history, we’ve always sought to enable businesses to tell better stories.

We have Sila as our technology core, and then D/A Labs brings human insight to the AI-generated observations through strategy and market-leading report products. D/A Influence brings this to life to influence the daily decisions consumers make.

D/A uses Sila to apply AI to social data to discover patterns and trends that lead to helpful business insights.

What we’re not…

Agency. Consultant. One-stop-shop.

We are an independent ‘think lab’ that brings the best of data science and consumer strategy together with a razor sharp focus on audience-first consumer marketing for brands.

We don’t believe in doing it all, we add value to partners’ business in areas where we know we can drive impact and we leave the rest to others.

Know your audience better

Our approach evolves around (for brands, products, trends or events):

  • Audience intelligence – includes research and reporting on demographic modelling, affinities to brands and categories, predictive personality analysis, native sentiment, native emotion, dialect understanding, topic trends, creator trends, the share of search etc.
  • Audience segmentation – modern audience segments can be defined by shared values, behaviours, and affinities beyond the usual demographics.
  • Trend forecasting – by carefully analysing channels, it’s possible to predict changes in consumer behaviour, enabling businesses to plan for the future more effectively.
  • Brand equity tracking – brands’ strengths change dynamically in response to many external factors – AICI can give a real-time view of how any brand is performing.
  • Competitive benchmarking – keeps track of how a brand is performing compared to a competitor set – this used to be time-consuming, but with AI leading the way, benchmarking can automate this.
  • Customer Experience analysis – ability to quickly identify areas of weakness in the way consumers experience retail or e-commerce, and products themselves, means we can offer fixes more quickly.
  • Reputation monitoring – understand what consumers or targets think of a brand, or its reputation, to optimise communications and marketing challenges.
  • Content ideation – with a more profound understanding of the audience, we can help brands and agencies create content briefs that are more likely to resonate with target consumers.
  • Influencer & marketing campaigns – with a deeper understanding of audiences we can better influence the decisions they make, with measurement that follows.
  • Campaign measurement – by analysing baseline shifts in conversation, comments, sentiment, emotion and share of search, we can accurately measure marketing performance across online and offline channels.

Our history & our future.

D/A was founded in 2010 as Digital Ape, a web publisher with platforms called Hellwafashion and triplew.me. Focusing on regional fashion, music, film, photography and the creative arts, 

Why the name? In 2009 and 2010, a web publisher selling content, rather than banner ads, was unheard of in the digital world in MENA. Common elsewhere, we felt we had to evolve (of which apes represent) the industry while being firmly in the digital world. 

As more and more clients became enamoured with our cutting-edge content offerings, and wanting to put it on their own platforms, some time around 2014 or 15 the websites were wound down, and we continued on as a quasi-agency, backed in data gleaned from our web days.

In 2018, we started to see that data supplementation to our decision-making was critical, but almost every social listening platform had challenges with Arabic. There had to be a better way. 

So, across 2019, Sila was born. It became a thing in 2020, and in 2021 became a core part of our business.

So there you have it, the 5 minute history of D/A. For the future? Go to our homepage and see where we’re going!


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