D/A helps marketing leaders understand, and connect with, Arab-world consumers.

Empowering the world’s most connected brands.

With our audience-first approach, we enable marketers to place the consumer at the centre of every business challenge, unlocking true indicators for change.

D/A has developed a new wave of AI-driven technology that is able to understand and analyse Arabic dialects. This gives us an unparalleled, real-time understanding of how Arabic consumers are interacting with brands and reacting to the changing world around them.

We use this to create a foundation for impactful strategic data analysis, strategies and platforms. 

With the addition of natural language processing, we reinforce and add context to our analysis with the ability to predict behavioural changes — including consumption — for the future. Unlike global platform solutions, we are able to create an emotive portrait of an Arab-world consumer enriched with cultural, linguistic and regional behavioural traits. 

What we’re not…

Agency. Consultant. One-stop-shop.

We are an independent ‘think lab’ that brings the best of data science and consumer strategy together with a razor sharp focus on audience-first consumer marketing for brands.

We don’t believe in doing it all, we add value to partners’ business in areas where we know we can drive impact and we leave the rest to others.