D/A helps business leaders understand, and connect with, Arab-world consumers.

We do this through Sila, an Arabic-native AI-enabled consumer intelligence tool created to gain insight to enable strategies that drive brand growth across MENA and beyond.


We make marketing in the Arabic speaking world more effective by helping businesses understand and reach their audience better.

We have Sila, our proprietary Arabic-native, AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform, as our technology core. D/A Labs brings human insight to the AI-generated observations through strategy and market-leading report products. D/A Influence brings this to life to influence the daily decisions consumers make.

Just some of the brands utilising D/A and Sila:

Our business units:

Sila: our technology core.

Sila is an Arabic-native, AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform. With access to millions of data points, Sila’s Arabic-native natural language processing and machine learning models process data in an instant, giving our team access to the data you need to make informed decisions.

Drive audience understanding

D/A Labs’ researchers and scientists are experts in turning data into insight & strategy. Our researchers make sure that insights teams and marketers (as well as board-level decision-makers) have access to best in class thinking with Sila’s AI and data warehousing capabilities. From strategy to reports, Labs brings insight.

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The power of influence

Through our Audience-First approach, and access to Sila’s data and insight, D/A Influence brings it all to life. Whether it’s campaigns or influencers, we’re data-led because we’re data-born. Effective. Simple. Marketing. None of it is any good without measurement, and with Sila, we’ve got that covered too.

What we do in the Arabic-speaking world:

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Our solutions deliver insight & action.

Sila’s solutions are based on  Arabic-native, AI-enabled consumer insight that meets the minds of D/A to deliver real insight, marketing solutions and cutting-edge data science for brands of any size.

From audience trackers (and social analytics), AI-enabled consumer research and on-demand insights, utilise the power of AI-enabled consumer research to unlock challenges and move business forward with more informed decisions.

Our products deliver insight.

Get Sila’s AI-enabled cutting insight easy and fast via D/A Labs & Sila products that can drive business growth with razor-sharp insight into Arabic-speaking consumers across the Middle East.

We produce category & trend reports, audience reports and our Sila Consumer Sentiment Index is quoted in the press monthly as a leading indicator of consumer sentiment.

GCC Traveller intent by age
GCC Traveller intent by age

We influence decisions.

D/A turns data and insights into effective marketing platforms. Whether it’s campaigns or influencers, we’re data-led because we’re data-born. Effective. Simple. Marketing.

We have formulated a process that helps marketers apply an audience-first strategy to real-world communications and creative. Whether that’s a campaign or an influencer outreach, or a creative strategy, our team can turn insight into action.

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D/A’s real insight for marketers.

Our articles cover the span of the Arabic-speaking world so that you can get the best insight, to make the decisions that propel your business forward. Consumer connection is the name of the game, and Sila is the tool to get you there.

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