Your door into the Arabic-speaking world.

Get the most accurate insights into Arabic-speaking consumers with our AI-powered platform, Sila. All designed for you to enable better marketing and grow your business in the Middle East.


Sila’s more than social listening. It’s social understanding. 

Sila tells you what your Arabic target audience is thinking, saying and doing, much better than any other platform can. And, in all 21 major Arabic dialects.

So nothing’s ever lost in translation. 

Just some of the brands utilising D/A and Sila:

Our business units:

Arabic-speaking consumers, perfectly understood with Sila.

Whatever your target audience is thinking, saying and doing, our world-first AI consumer intelligence platform, Sila, will uncover it. In all 16 major Arabic dialects.

Data + humans, to connect all the dots

Overcome any complexities of doing business in the Middle East, with analytic & strategic-led reports that make sense of data to help you make smarter decisions. That’s D/A Labs.

Better-focussed marketing, for a more captive audience.

Bring your consumer data and insights to life with D/A Influence. From campaigns to influencer outreach, we’ll help your brand, products or services land well in the GCC.

Good global business starts with knowing the locals.

In the Middle East, this is about more than just knowing a bit about Ramadan. You need to get to grips with differences in culture, language, attitudes and beliefs.

That are always changing. Fast.

As global experts in AI-driven Arabic consumer intelligence, we power our human excellence with a new wave of technology that is able to understand and analyse Arabic dialects.

We have unparalleled, real-time understanding of how Arabic consumers are interacting with brands and reacting to the changing world around them, and we use this to create a foundation for impactful strategic data analysis.  

Products & Solutions that put your audience in the palm of your hand.

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Audience Intelligence. The key to unlocking business challenges


Bespoke Research

Use ambient consumer data to understand a specific challenge for your brand.

Audience & Brand Monitor

Stay ahead of how consumers see, react and feel about your and your competitor’s brands, year-round. Receive actionable strategies with monthly insight reports.

Gain industry leadership with instant Category & Audience Reports

Audience Reports

Learn how to connect with key Arabic audience segments. Our Audience reports include behavioural, attitudinal, demographic, language, and personality analyses by key GCC markets.

Category & Trend Reports 

Gain instant insight into how consumers see and engage within a category over time & uncover emerging and declining trends within your industry or within the region that can impact your brand’s approach. 

Sila Consumer Sentiment Index

D/A releases a monthly Index as a leading indicator of consumer sentiment across the GCC. The index looks at 3 indicators: Employment, Business, and Economy. 

GCC Traveller intent by age
GCC Traveller intent by age

We influence decisions.

D/A turns data and insights into effective marketing platforms. Whether it’s campaigns or influencers, we’re data-led because we’re data-born. Effective. Simple. Marketing.

We have formulated a process that helps marketers apply an audience-first strategy to real-world communications and creative. Whether that’s a campaign or an influencer outreach, or a creative strategy, our team can turn insight into action.

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D/A’s real insight for marketers.

Our articles cover the span of the Arabic-speaking world so that you can get the best insight, to make the decisions that propel your business forward. Consumer connection is the name of the game, and Sila is the tool to get you there.

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