Connecting global brands with Arabic-speaking consumers.

We do this through Sila, an Arabic-language AI tool created to gain insight and create strategies that drive brand growth across MENA and beyond.


We make marketing in the Arab-world more effective by helping brands understand their audience better.

Sila (‘connection’ in Arabic) is our AI platform solution. Our expert team of data scientists and communication strategists, analyse real time, mega-data in dialects, giving you the most comprehensive consumer understanding.

Is connecting to Arabic audiences holding back marketing efficiency?  D/A and Sila can help:

Power your strategy

We go beyond demographics and purchase behaviour, with access to billions of ambient data points, we can understand what is important to consumers in real-time and what macro and micro trends they are reacting to.

Drive better understanding

We’re Arabic language specialists. Sentiment and behavioural pattern identification, in dialects, gives marketers the power of predictive modelling to ensure brands stay ahead of the consumption  curves and remain relevant and purposeful.

Measure & learn

True measurement is understanding not only performance but how people feel about your brand. This can be hit and miss in Arabic, until now.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Dubai World Trade Centre.

‘Research and Insights partner’ 

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Our articles cover the span of the Arabic-speaking world so that you can get the best insight, to make the decisions that propel your business forward. Consumer connection is the name of the game, and Sila is the tool to get you there.

Latest Insights from D/A & Sila

GCC travel consumer insights: A DEconstructed series webinar replay

D/A's second DEconstructed webinar: "Travel in the GCC" shed light on a new wave of regional travelers and their new world context. The focus was to look at the macro-level environment changes and how that translates into new trends, combined with an approach to microdata on a travel consumer level. This strategic approach to data analysis provided a path for attendees to start thinking about what the travel market return to 'normal' might look like for consumers and how to identify and connect with new 'travel tribes' emerging in what will become an even more competitive and hard-to convert category.

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